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I try to release a promo code at least once a month. Sometimes these are good for a few weeks, and sometimes only for a few days. Promo codes are not released at the same time each month, so they make for a nice surprise! Below are a few ways you can find out about discounts.

Facebook is the quickest way to get word to you about discounts. If you are not following us on Facebook, you should! Because Facebook is such an easy way for us to keep our customers notified, sometimes Facebook fans get a little extra discount.

Wall to Wall Wednesdays - Show off your projects! I love to see how the designs have been used, and other customers do, too. So Wall to Wall Wednesdays is where you can post a picture on our Facebook wall showing how you have used our designs. If your photo is a creative project idea and a good quality photo, we may request to add it to our photo gallery. If your picture is added to our photo gallery, you will receive a $15 promo code for your next purchase. So make sure you show off your work and earn discounts!

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